I am very excited to start this new year and this new blog with a new collaborative project called Stories in seven with a group of storytelling photographers from across the globe. Every month, on the 7th we will post 7 storytelling images. At the end of each blog post you will find a link to the next storyteller, you keep clicking until you complete a circle: and this is what we call a blog circle :) 

Unfortunately I couldn't make it on time this month because of all the little things I wanted to set up for my new website/ new blog but I wanted to publish my pictures anyway! I will post a link at the end so you can see what others posted! 

The story for this month is about our day at the beach. A first time for my 10 week old son. He slept on daddy pretty much all the time and it was sweet. My daughter had fun walking in puddles, playing in the sand with a stick… I love beaches in winter. It's moody, the light is beautiful, and it's empty. 

To enter the blog circle go and see Felicia Chang photography's work to see what's her Story in Seven.