In-home family session • Bethesda storytelling photography

This session is exactly the kind of documentary-style shoot that I love to do: Sarah invited me to spend a lovely morning with her family to capture these early years of childhood. Since her first daughter was born she managed to have family pictures taken once a year and indeed there were some beautiful frames everywhere in the house.

She expressively hired me to document: "those stolen moments - smiles, laughs, cuddles between sisters. I want to remember their expressions and their precious little bodies. I want to capture the free spirit of a 3 year old and the deliciousness of a 5 month old". You can imagine this made my heart sing right away!!!! This is the exact things I try to create for my clients. She couldn't have said it any better.

Love to you all Sarah,

I would love to take some beautiful photos of your family in your natural habitat! Let's make it happen. And I promise you will love to see your spouse having fun with the kids in pictures. And you will love having memories of you and your kids too. Don't hide behind the camera moms. You are largely part of the story and deserve to be in front of the lens.