Bamboo mounted prints, a clean and modern look • Maryland family photography

Introducing bamboo mounted prints!

I am really excited to share this unique product that I have in my collection of wall options.

Available in sizes up to 24"x30", bamboo mounts consist of a beautiful, silky print permanently and professionally adhered to a 3/4 inch thick bamboo panel. They have a clean, modern look that complements any decor and highlights your art. Each mount is made of solid wood and come pre-drilled with a key hole for easy hanging.

To be honest, I prefer this product than canvases, as they better highlight the photographic print and match  my imagery perfectly.

These are perfect for hanging or for free-standing on a bookshelf. Three or four mounts together can make a stunning wall display above a bed or sofa, or in a hallway. The options are pretty endless.

Bamboo is a sustainably harvested material and a beautiful mounting option for your images.