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Sasha • Maryland lifestyle newborn photographer

Juliette Fradin photography is a storytelling photographer based in Hyattsville, Maryland and serves Washington, DC + MD + VA and NJ + NY. Juliette photographs families, maternity sessions, newborns and a few weddings a year. Her style is far from standard posing and cheesy smiles but she rather captures a feeling, an emotion, a connection. Her clients demand something different, something honest and true to real life. 

I would love to chat with you about your custom lifestyle or documentary session. Please feel free to look around the site. All pricing can be found under Pricing

This little girl was just 2 weeks old at the time of the photoshoot and her parents happily welcomed her into their life after months of trying. She is now their little princess and they are very touching by the way they carefully take care of her. It reminded me of the birth of my daughter: the worries as new parents, the changes in what used to be your normal life, in my body... 

One week after the session, the mom had an health emergency and had to stop breastfeeding cold turkey. Everyone is doing fine now but I am so so glad I caught these moments for them. You never know what life will throw at you. Embrace the NOW. 


Juliette Fradin uses a documentary approach for photographing families so they can just *be* in the moment and enjoy the simple moment of being together. If you would like to see more of her recent family photography, head over to her Instagram account. She loves to document the love (and tears) that go into family life, managing a small business or a sweet reunion. 
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The post about holiday cards and real life • Documentary photographer in Maryland

October and November are the busiest months for photographers as people are getting ready for the holiday season and want family shots to send to friends and families. As I love sending and receiving mail, I'm very excited about that time of the year. I am thinking hard about mine for my own family and we'll see if we end up being the 4 of us in 1 frame. Just the thought of dragging the kids into this is making me nervous a little... Being the photographer and the person photographed is not easy ;) 

Especially if you don't want the so-called "perfect shot" of all of us looking straight at the camera and cheese-smiling. I want genuine and natural expressions so I will try to make an image where I FEEL something. Even if it means there will be only one of us on the front! It is actually the same approach I have with my client work and why people hire me for. Even more so with the "Real life sessions" where I spend half a day with the family, capturing their everyday life as it unfolds organically. 

Here is the session of my friend Christine, a few months ago when I visited them in Baltimore for their daughter's first birthday. They wanted to do something simple and intimate, just the 4 of them, at home (second child problem??!). I couldn't be happier about that. The session was relaxed: we ate brunch, the baby went to sleep, they played outside and celebrated the little Miss. More than just  a pose and a smile I really aim to take pictures for the family's history. I hope in a few years, the grown-up kids will show their own children their life at that particular moment and remember how it felt like. That they were cared for and loved deeply. And I love to show to the moms the incredible work they do, even though sometimes it is not as rewarding as we think. It reminds me this quote from the French poet Jacques Prévert "Plus tard ce sera trop tard. Notre vie c'est maintenant." (Later will be too late. Our life is now."). So let's remember this day forever.

And send me a Christmas card. I won't judge your cheesy smiles (it's better than nothing). 

Juliette xo

Read what Christine said about her experience: "Having a +4 hour session, Juliette was really able to capture our everyday moments from cooking, eating, reading, just being with each other. I know when I look at the pics years from now It will bring back such a feeling of our life at that moment. Truly irreplaceable. I am eventually going to make a photo book with the pictures. I love them so much!"

If you would like to book a Real life Session with me, contact me and we can discuss how to make that happen. I offer a special discount for the first clients who book a half or full day with me. See the details in the Shop




sweet morning at Union Market • Washington DC family Photographer

Last Mother's day, I did what I love most: taking pictures. I feel so lucky to have a job that I am passionate about and that doesn't feel AT ALL like a job :) This is one of the good things that came with my cross-Atlantic move and I don't regret that decision for a minute. 

I spent 2 hours with this lovely family and fellow photographer Winnie Bruce (check her work here!) for a lifestyle family session wandering around Union Market and Dock 5 (that you can rent for a party). To end on a sweet note, we wanted to buy ice cream from the Dolcezza Factory but unfortunately they were closed. We found some good waffles inside the market even though the disappointment for the beloved ice-creams was real... 

Life is hard!

Contact me to book your next family session. I would love to capture your uniqueness through my camera.

My next availabilities are:
Washington DC Area • September 17, Nov 5 + 12
NJ + NY + PA • September 10 + 24 - October 8, 15, 22, 29 - November 19, 26

I am available for travels. Ask for my travel rate! bonjour@juliettefradin.com

Have a great Summer

Around the 'hood with Charlie • Virginia Family Photographer

Katie contacted me to photograph her family: Charlie, her dog, Captain the newly arrived cat and her partner Andy. Almost in that order :) We had fun at home and Charlie showed us some tricks then we went outside for a lovely walk around their neighborhood like they do every day. It was totally laid-back and I loved hanging out with them. This dog has such a great personality. 

Pop-up Sessions • Maryland and New Jersey family photographer

Mid-April I had the pleasure to meet 9 kids and take their photos. It was the first time I organized mini sessions and I loved it. It was fun to see the different personalities and capture the sweet bond between siblings (and sometimes not so sweet but I got only good stuff that day!). 

Here is what Jen H. says about the experience: "Working with Juliette was such a treat! Her effortless manner makes you feel like you are hanging out with a friend--who just happens to be taking the most spectacular photos of your children. We did a session with our two girls and the resulting images captured the essence of their *very* different personalities just perfectly. Juliette also took gorgeous photos that speak to the absolute love between two sisters, something that is just magic to see. In this world of fleeting images and constant motion, pictures taken by Juliette are a treasure. She stops time for just a bit, and that is priceless."


2015 in review - part 3 • Maryland family photographer

Part 3 of this BEST OF 2015 to share some of my best moments with the families I photographed in Maryland, Dc and Virginia along with some personal photos too. No particular order. Just the chaos of life as it happens :)

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2015 in review - part 2 • Lifestyle family photographer in Maryland

Here is part 2 of this BEST OF 2015 to share some of my best moments with clients and personal ones too. No particular order. Just the chaos of life as it happens :)

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I am now booking sessions for 2016. Remember your family through pictures.
You'll be happy you did.

Juliette Fradin photography specializes in modern family photography in Maryland, Washington DC and surroundings areas.

2015 in review - part 1 • Maryland Family photography

I decided to do this BEST OF 2015 to share some of the best moments I had with clients and also some more personal shots. I am going to post all January long so stay tuned! There is no particular order nor theme as i wanted to get it done! So pardon the mess :)

You will find some Storytelling family sessions shot mostly at home with kids or babies, Fresh 48 sessions at hospitals, a backyard wedding, some of our vacation trips to Florida, Smith mountain Lake, VA, and my family daily life with my kids and husband. 
And if you don't see yourself yet, wait for next week.

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Would you like a photoshoot of your family to document your days? I'll be happy to do so for you.
And no worries about travels, I'll come to you!

Juliette Fradin Photography specializes in Storytelling family photography in Maryland, Washington, DC and surroundings. 

Fresh 48 • Maryland Newborn video session

I told you that many of my close friends got pregnant lately and they gracefully let me experiment new things on their newborns. So I did this little video for Krissi when Theodore was -already- 45 hour old. 

Those first moments are so precious… Every birth is a little miracle and I am glad I captured that on video. Things can be quite blurry right after the birth and there are many moments that we simply forget even if we thought we wouldn't. We are so focused on the recovery, the breast feedings, the diaper changes and on the little nuggets of course… It is good to pause for a second and just be. 

So here is to you Krissi. 
With love, xoxo