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2015 in review - part 3 • Maryland family photographer

Part 3 of this BEST OF 2015 to share some of my best moments with the families I photographed in Maryland, Dc and Virginia along with some personal photos too. No particular order. Just the chaos of life as it happens :)

*Size matters*
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2015 in review - part 1 • Maryland Family photography

I decided to do this BEST OF 2015 to share some of the best moments I had with clients and also some more personal shots. I am going to post all January long so stay tuned! There is no particular order nor theme as i wanted to get it done! So pardon the mess :)

You will find some Storytelling family sessions shot mostly at home with kids or babies, Fresh 48 sessions at hospitals, a backyard wedding, some of our vacation trips to Florida, Smith mountain Lake, VA, and my family daily life with my kids and husband. 
And if you don't see yourself yet, wait for next week.

*Size matters*
click on the images to see them larger. Your eyes will thank you.

Would you like a photoshoot of your family to document your days? I'll be happy to do so for you.
And no worries about travels, I'll come to you!

Juliette Fradin Photography specializes in Storytelling family photography in Maryland, Washington, DC and surroundings. 

Fresh 48 • Maryland Newborn video session

I told you that many of my close friends got pregnant lately and they gracefully let me experiment new things on their newborns. So I did this little video for Krissi when Theodore was -already- 45 hour old. 

Those first moments are so precious… Every birth is a little miracle and I am glad I captured that on video. Things can be quite blurry right after the birth and there are many moments that we simply forget even if we thought we wouldn't. We are so focused on the recovery, the breast feedings, the diaper changes and on the little nuggets of course… It is good to pause for a second and just be. 

So here is to you Krissi. 
With love, xoxo