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We had some family visiting from France for Spring break and grandpa offered my daughter a bike! Of course we had to try it on a big parking lot not far from our house. And of course, there is a learning curve… Fall down seven times, stand up eight they say isn't it?  

girl riding a bike

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I think my daughter went to school no more than 5 days in February. Ok maybe a little bit more, I lost count but all those 2-hour delays and snow days got me. It is nice and fun to have the kids at home but forget about work! 
For what I hope will be the last day of snow, I took my camera with me in her little sleeve and we ventured outside braving the snowstorm by 28°F / -2°C. We made a day out of it with a snowman, snowball fight and finally a hot chocolate and some board-games by the fireplace. 

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