I love bamboo prints • washington dc family photographer

You chose an amazing photographer that suits the need of your family, you had your session with her/him, you received your gallery.... NOW WHAT?

And you thought having your pictures taken was the most difficult part? :)

After you receive your gallery with your family's faces all over, now is time for picking the right prints for the right place in your house! 

Lucky you if you are a client of mine because of the lovely bamboo prints I offer! It is now by far my most popular product and I freaking love it! I love it so much that I put some on my walls all over my house. 

I am always looking for products that are unique, modern and eco-friendly (3 words that would totally define my business!!), things that *I* would put on my walls as well.

I love that they are actual prints (the image is not printed ON the wood but on photographic paper) mounted on a thick bamboo board with a keyhole in the back for easy hanging. I use matte paper because it matches my imagery very well. It offers a very nice and soft finish, a smooth touch, just elegant. And it preserves the print beautifully.  

The smaller sizes (like 5x7" or 8x12") are great on a shelf or your office desk. Up on your wall, you need to fill up a little bit more space so think of a wall display: at least two 11x14" format or just one big print. 

Photos belong in print, on walls, on shelves. It's the way they are meant to be enjoyed. Not to mention the little boost in your child self-esteem ;-) 

I got published • Juliette Fradin in Click magazine for a newborn story

2018 is already full of very good surprises. I got published in one of the leading magazine in photography today: Click. It is something else to see your pictures printed and laid out on paper for sure. I am very proud to be among such artists. The story is dear to my heart as well as it is about my friends who welcomed their baby through a surrogate mother here in the US. I had the chance to document their journey from the start. Baby Valentin has nowa visual record showing how much he was wanted and loved from the moment he was born. 

I am a documentary family photographer. I love to photograph families at home, the epicenter of family life, where childhood memories are formed. I will capture your story when you are fearlessly you: when you do the things you love to do in the places you love to be. I catch glimpses of your family's personality when you are in the moment enjoying the simple fact of being together.

I love to document the love (and tears) that goes into family life, or during a sweet reunion, or when you are managing your small business. My style is far from standard posing and cheesy smiles. Instead I capture a feeling, an emotion, a connection. My clients demand something different, something honest and true to real life. Let's get in touch.