A photo project about a community

In this series of portraits of Hyattsville residents I started in June 2015, I am exploring a sense of community and belonging. Being a foreigner myself with no family or friends prior to settling in the US, I quickly realized the importance of having a strong supportive community. It is proven scientifically that being part of a group and being involved in it improve health and the overall well-being. As a photographer I want to capture and document this nurturing community by photographing the people who are part of it when they socialize at events, potlucks, parties, meetings, reunions...

All the portraits are taken on a white backdrop and converted in Black and White to really focus on the people with no distractions from the surroundings. It is the people who shape the community so I want to focus on them. 


I would love to come to your meeting, reunion, block party… please use the form below or send me an email.

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