@ Sam Hurd

@ Sam Hurd

My name is Juliette, I am French and I am a photographer.
Moving abroad made me conscious of my surroundings and the significant people near and far in my life. Being between 2 countries, I wanted to remember it all, here and there. I believe that there is beauty in our everyday lives even if it is hard sometimes to acknowledge it because life is busy and we are often caught in the moment.

I consider myself a lifestyle and storytelling photographer with a {French} and modern approach. I love to capture genuine and candid interactions between people (small and big) in their natural environment to tell their story with authentic emotions. I want to document people in places dear to their hearts and use my creativity to capture them being real! I think your life deserves to be remembered as it is: funny, chaotic, joyful, intimate... in a modern and fresh way.
I take a very casual approach to photography and shooting in your own environment (inside and/or outside) is a key element of what I do. It helps everyone to relax, allowing me to focus on documenting a slice of your life. This is why I offer all the images in all the collections as well as albums: because there are so many images that tell not only what your life looks like but how it feels like, you'll want to keep them all. 

I was born in Paris and I am now enjoying living in the Washington, DC area (yeah for real).
I have 2 kids born here: an adorable stubborn little girl and a chill baby boy who both make me a very proud mama bear. My husband is the man behind the scene who makes it all stick together.
I enjoy greatly long Skype calls & sweet emails. And I love anything paper related. Postcards in the box make my day.
I will never be able to pronounce Thrift store correctly but I will keep shopping in those.
Spaghetti alla carbonara will always win the Comfort food contest.
I'd love to road-trip across the US.
Taking photographs almost everyday soothe my heart and soul. Chasing light is my job. I couldn't be more happy of doing what I do right now.
Carpe diem. 



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VOICE competition 2015: Finalist in the Daily life Category
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