Photos taken by Emmanuelle B, during my summer 2018 in France at my mom’s.

My name is Juliette. I am a documentary photographer based in the Washington, DC metro area who is often caught daydreaming about my native France.

Being between 2 countries, I wanted to remember it all, here and there. I am inspired (and frightened!) by moments that pass by, past that is no longer accessible, change in the family dynamic. Hence my desire to freeze time.

I love to photograph families at home, the epicenter of family life, where childhood memories are formed.

I will capture your story when you are fearlessly you: when you do the things you love to do in the place you love to be.

I will catch glimpses of your family personality when you are in the moment enjoying the simple fact of being together. I love to document the love (and tears) that go into family life, or during a sweet reunion. My style is far from standard posing and cheesy smile. I rather capture a feeling, an emotion, a connection. Your job is to slow down, be in the moment and let it go.



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Documentary Family Award 2018: Honorable mention in the top 20 Birth category
VOICE competition 2015: Finalist in the Daily life Category
VOICE competition 2014: Finalist in the "street photography" category