OMG thank you so much, Juliette! these are gorgeous! I finally have stuff to put behind my couch! You are so talented. It’s such an honor to have photos done by you!
Winnie Bruce Photography.


family photographer in New Jersey

Juliette spent several hours photographing an intimate family gathering for my daughter's 100th Day. She was so subtle that everyone seemed to forget they were being photographed and just enjoyed themselves. I love the photos. She captured the day, the joy and the lulls, the smiles and tears, and the details, honestly and beautifully. I will treasure her photos and the memories they hold always. I feel very lucky to have met Juliette as a person and as a photographer. Jeeyun K.

non traditional family portrait

Having a family photo shoot with Juliette was a blast. You can tell from the results that she really worked to have our individual personalities shine through, while doing some beautiful group shots.  We're normally scattered across the world, so getting us all in one frame is practically a miracle! Thank you for capturing the moment, and our happiness in being together.
Erica F.

family playing

We are so lucky to have our family photographed by Juliette. She is a true professional with a great eye and a warm and comforting way with children. Both my girls were at ease with her instantly and even my husband who generally doesn't like being in front of the camera, had a great time.
We have some remarkable photos that I will treasure for the rest of my years. As a photographer myself, it is rare to have me in the photo with my family and I am ever so grateful to Juliette for making that happen.
Merci beaucoup Juliette! 
Rashmi P.


I have been one of the lucky ones to experience Juliette's amazing talent. She has photographed my family numerous times and each time I am wowed.

Juliette took very special photographs of my son and I when he was a baby. When I first saw the photos I cried. I was blown away with how she was able to capture those pure, intimate moments I was having with my son. I will have those photos forever to look at and take me back to the time of being a new mother and that all-encompassing feeling I have for my son.
Juliette is very easy to work with. She possesses this calmness and ease that makes the session run smoothly and natural. We truly feel blessed to have you and your talents in our lives.

Thanks again for all the amazing sessions. 
Christine K.

Juliette is an amazing photographer!  I've had the pleasure of being the recipient of several photo shoots and each time, the results are amazing.  Juliette captures the image, but more importantly, the human spirit and emotion behind the image. She has an amazing eye and captures the essence of our daily living. The result of her work is simple… it makes you laugh, it makes you love, it makes you feel.
Janean R.

Juliette is an amazing photographer. I'm continually blown away by the images she is able to capture. She is great to work with - whether she is shooting a lifestyle setting or a more controlled headshot/portfolio/model-y shoot. She gives great direction but doesn't try to pose you too much. The shoots are always very relaxed. I love the spirit of her photographs - the personalities of the family really come through. She is great with kids - very patient and eager to just capture them being kids - and camera-shy husbands. Juliette is willing to work with the customer in terms of the photos they want/location/etc., but honestly I just let her shoot away and direct us. She has such a great eye and always captures my family beautifully. I will treasure the photographs she has taken of my family - and my son, especially - always. 
Krissi H.