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I recently realized that a good chunk of my clients (maybe 80%?) are foreigners. They come from Brazil, Germany, France, Australia... or they have traveled the world, or lived in a different country, another culture. This always leads to interesting conversations about raising bilingual kids, traveling back to your native country or how to raise kids in a different culture.

If you are in that situation (well first hola, bonjour, guten tag, ciao, Asalaam alaikum, ni hau...) I highly recommend reading the book "Third Culture Kid (TCK), growing up among worlds" that explains the challenges of kids who live parts in their parents' culture like at home or through the school, and parts in the culture in which they are living. They develop a third culture that is a mix of everything but they make it their own. They have to deal with specific challenges like identity and how to cope with grief. The worst question you could ask to a TCK is: Where are you from? 

The concept now broadens to include cross-cultural situations like ethnic minority parents, immigrant parents, mixed race parents, parents who move often from one region of the U.S. to another...  This is probably one of the reasons why I shoot what I shoot. After 10 years in the U.S., home is everywhere and nowhere : I feel like a foreigner when I wander the streets of Paris and I will never perfectly fit in America. But I need a sense of belonging and reassurance that HOME provides. Your house is an intimate place where LIFE happens. Home is the epicenter of family life as I like to say. 

This family is no exception as the mom is American but dad is German and they navigate between families here in the States and across the pond in Europe. We bonded over "vacationing for weeks at your in-laws".... because seriously... who is looking forward to that? :) As they say, you are happy when you arrive and happy when you leave! 

This is a favorite topic of mine so share your thoughts, readings and tips anytime. I'm all ears. 

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I am a documentary family photographer. I love to photograph families at home, the epicenter of family life, where childhood memories are formed. I will capture your story when you are fearlessly you: when you do the things you love to do in the places you love to be. I catch glimpses of your family's personality when you are in the moment enjoying the simple fact of being together.

I love to document the love (and tears) that goes into family life, or during a sweet reunion, or when you are managing your small business. My style is far from standard posing and cheesy smiles. Instead I capture a feeling, an emotion, a connection. My clients demand something different, something honest and true to real life. Let's get in touch. 

Beautiful ordinary rainy day at home• Princeton, NJ in-home family photographer

 So you think your house is too dark? Or not "bright and airy"? We took these photos on a very rainy Sunday afternoon in November. Sure we ended up in the attic but the kids had fun jumping from one bed to another. And it was the perfect moment to cuddle on the bed.
Home is the epicenter of family life. 

These photos were taken during an in-home mini-session. Skip the tantrums and let me come to your house so you don't have to drag all the kids into the car.

Juliette Fradin uses a documentary approach for photographing families so they can just slow down and enjoy the simple moment of being together. If you would like to see more of her recent family photography, head over to her Instagram account. She loves to document the love (and tears) that go into family life, managing a small business or a sweet reunion. Subscribe to my newsletter, I would love to have you there. xx

Inspiring maternity session • Maternity photographer Washington DC

I am very happy that my clients refer me to their friends (of course, who doesn't!) and that I got to meet Laura, who is expecting twins! And you're going to see a lot of her and her family as I'm going to photograph them all year long until the kids turn 1! How exciting!
She's due December 25 but it's likely the twins will be out sooner than that. I am looking forward to meeting with them soon with their grand-parents. 

We met in a beautiful park in DC a few weeks ago. The weather was warm and the place just perfect. I felt very inspired by Laura, the light and the surroundings. 

I keep you in my thoughts Laura,
Juliette xo

Are you expecting? let me capture you before everything changes ;) I love maternity sessions as they are very peaceful and quiet. 

Exist in pictures! And one day your kid will want to know and see that belly he used to be in. Seriously.

Paula, Daniel, Bernardo & Vinicius • Princeton family photographer

You will probably recognize the sweet faces of this lovely family I had the chance to photograph several times already. They are from Brazil and I love to see them growing as a family. We always ended up shooting in their house because they bought it recently and wanted to capture that (and also maybe because it felt less intimidating than going outside). But this time was different: we stayed just enough time playing around the house and documenting the first steps of Vinicius before heading to to the nearby park they go to as often as they can. 
It felt natural. Like an afternoon you spend with friends, catching up and chatting about being a family of 4 and raising bilingual kids. At the end, Bernardo felt asleep on mommy like he always do. I am glad we froze these moments to remember for ever.